Mil duquelas Puro arte

This brand was born with the idea of remembering to dress with pride the eternal struggle of the Roma people. A story full of history who great to their strength and courage, succeeded and are still able to overcome all kinds of adversities,  in honor of each of them is born, Mil duquelas

Mil duquelas is symbolizing  the voice of the  people that could not be silenced,

Mil duquelas is the past, present and future,

Mil duquelas is a tribute to the Roma people, brimming of art and diversity,

Mil duquelas come from the bowels of our town; a community whose resistance managed to fight against all kinds of adversities,

Mil duquelas is our story of survival,

Mil duquelas is the victory of tolerance against hatred,

Mil duquelas is the power of own our own identity and is proudly showing our roots,

Mil duquelas is our essence: history, courage, heart and art.

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